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Meet Our Team

Message from Our Director

Bridge Director Tonya Boone with Bridge graduate and child

Welcome to the MSD of Wabash County Bridge Program. Students attending Bridge are enrolled in White’s Jr./Sr. High School, an accredited public high school through the Indiana Department of Education. Bridge focuses on providing options and second chances to students who have experienced bumps in the road of life and are looking for opportunities to get back on track educationally in order to meet the goal of earning their high school diplomas. 

The Bridge staff works as a team to meet students’ needs by developing individual education plans for each student. We believe that all students have the ability to learn and succeed educationally. We believe that building relationships with our students is critical to their success. We believe that our students’ families are an integral part of our team and that your involvement and support is a crucial part of our students’ success. We believe that a high school diploma is a key that will unlock doors and opportunities to our students’ future endeavors. We believe that we have the opportunity as educators to model a healthy balance between grace and truth for our students by providing a supportive, creative, and flexible learning environment where students are held accountable for personal responsibility and making positive decisions to work toward their goals. 

If you have chosen to enroll your child in our program, you can expect our staff to be actively engaged in your child’s education, to communicate in a timely manner, and to work diligently to help your child be successful. We are excited to have your child in our program and look forward to working with you as a valuable part of your child’s educational team.

Tonya Boone

Bridge Director

Meet Our Team