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Who We Are

As a credit recovery program, we are devoted to providing an alternative high school education for youth across the state of Indiana.

Founded in 2014 and originally known as the CAR Program, Bridge has helped over 700 students earn their high school diplomas. Our purpose is to maximize the potential of all students by establishing a learning environment that supports resiliency, flexibility, self-advocacy, and a passion for life-long learning. At the heart of our purpose is our calling to assist in the academic, social, and emotional growth of students who have experienced hardships, overcome adversity, or made mistakes that have impeded their success in a traditional school setting. 

As a public high school there is no cost for a student to participate in our program.

Quality Staff

Bridge is overseen by licensed, highly qualified teachers who monitor student progress on a daily basis. Our staff believes that through building relationships with students and providing encouragement, instruction, and accountability, all students can and will learn. Students have the ability to communicate with school staff throughout the day, evening, and weekend hours in order to receive the academic and emotional support needed to provide them with every opportunity to be successful. Teachers offer instruction and support through a variety of modalities such as emails, texts, video calls, and face-to-face.

Meet Our Team

Bridge graduate holding diploma and posing with staff member

"During my time in this program I have been supported by a wonderful teacher. The program offers diverse course options and goes at your own pace. The quizzes and tests also give you a chance to retake it if you didn’t get a very good grade, which is helpful because rather than having you take it and move on like traditional schooling, it focuses on whether you did a good job and learned from the lesson."

DREW - Bridge Student

We Specialize in Serving Students Who...

Are behind on credits for graduation
Have been suspended or expelled
Had academic or behavioral challenges in the traditional school setting
Would benefitĀ from nontraditional classroom instruction
Have mental or emotional health concerns
Have physical health concerns
Are parents or expectant parents
Have legal or probation trouble

Curriculum and Diplomas

Through Bridge, students have the opportunity to pursue an Academic Honors, Technical Honors, Core 40, or General Diploma. Students are provided with a standard public school curriculum based on the Indiana State Standards through the online program Edmentum, an industry leader in secondary instructional solutions. Online courses make it possible to accommodate various learning styles and needs. We aspire for all students to achieve post-secondary readiness, employability skills, and receive the necessary credits to graduate, thus enabling them with the opportunity to be successful in a family, career, and community.

Graduate holding her cap out