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Game Club

Through the medium of learning to play card games and board games, students are taught skills in sportsmanship and competitive gaming. Game Club meets weekly after school for one hour. There are no restrictions on who can attend, with the exception that the student must be approved on behavioral grounds by both their residential staff and our Dean of Students.  

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an international program that provides a platform to inspire and support school-age girls in learning coding skills.  At White's we try to give girls the ability to explore coding skills at whatever level they can participate in.  Since we have students that come from all over the state, there is a variety of skills they have from none to moderately skilled.  We try to help them learn basics- with a common theme to work toward.  We hope that we are providing them a spark to get them to explore further training, skills and interest in looking for careers, jobs or even classes that increase their knowledge in the coding, Science, STEAM areas.  

Girls Who Code meets for 45 min-1 hour weekly. Any girl at White's Jr/Sr High is able to sign up to participate. Adult facilitators provide feedback as the students explore the world of coding. Guidelines are in place to protect the students from outside intervention.

Student Council

White’s Student Council aims to give students an opportunity to gain leadership skills by planning and organizing events that promote school spirit and improve student life. Any interested high school student may fill out an application. The student's house parent, case manager, dean of students, principal, and teacher must sign off that the student meets the following criteria:

  • A Good Role Model
  • Dependable & Flexible
  • 70% or Higher in all Classes
  • Level 3 or 4 in the Cottage

Being involved with Student Council is an excellent way for our students to build self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and become responsible and active members of the White's community. Student Council members help raise funds for school-wide projects such as purchasing new music and headphones for student laptops. They also collaborate with the Yearbook Club to organize events that include the Spring Dance and Arts Showcase. 


The purpose of the White's Yearbook Club is to produce an "end of the year" compilation of memories, so students and teachers alike can reminisce on their past year. The creation of the compilation also gives students a creative outlet. Yearbook Club students utilize the skills they have learned by taking senior photos for all graduates who would like a photo session. They also put together a senior video to be viewed at their graduation ceremony.

Students that apply for Yearbook Club are interviewed then chosen based on their need for elective credits and behavior. 

Online media is used to create the publication. Once the yearbook is printed, every student on campus has the opportunity to purchase a yearbook with earned behavior points. Each spring, White's teachers look forward to hosting a yearbook signing party/dance. Yearbook students collaborate with staff and student council members to help organize the Spring Dance. 

By participating in Yearbooks, students learn skills in:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Basic Photography Composition
  • Photo Editing
  • Page Layout Techniques